»» Conducting Technical Education to school dropouts since 1998.
»» Opened up a tailoring centre for poor women.

»» Provided free evening tuition for poor children in 6 villages.
»» Surveyed the physically challenged people of Villupuram Dist. And guided them to receive all the benefits from Government and social service organisations. Enabled them to form self-help groups.

»» 48 students who dropped out seven years ago were given vocational training and are now self employed.
»» Through educational support, 32 children who dropped out from school are now going to school regularly.
»» Our tailoring unit has enriched 264 rural below poverty adolescent girls to get job in Export Company and Tirupur companies.

»» Economical sustainable development for 10 tiny merchants. Helped joint responsible committee members receive a loan from taluk cooperative society bank. 64 members received a loan of 5,000 each, amounting to a sum of Rs. 3, 20,000/ secured for business expansion.

»» 3 women self help groups receive a loan of Rs.2, 00,000/- from ECLOF India through our effort.
»» From the support of Goonj organization in Delhi, we helped and catered to 40 villages, 40 schools, 45 palvadies (anganvadies).

We were able to change the lives of more than 10 thousand individuals!