About US

Origin and Development of CARDS

CARDS was started by a body of committed people who had come together with the vision of working among / for the organisation and development of the rural underprivileged and the discriminated sections of society. During the past few years, CARDS is doing the development activities in a small way covering 30 villages. The activities were need based and did not cover all sections of dalit community (dalits are people who are socially stratified as untouchable) and irulas community. (The irulas who used to eke out existence by catching snakes and rats to make their livelihood, now face acute poverty and lack of opportunities and employment, income. They have their own huts and few kitchen utensils and their own manual labor, on these, they have to build their income and livelihood.) Moreover, the activities did not have any follow up activities as there was no continuity between each activity. However, CARDS was able to carry out community based activities to ensure their right to education.

Chief Functionary of the Organization/ Founder/Secretary/                  

A. John Williams, M.A. 

CARDS was registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975

~ A letter of recommendation from one of our volunteers Jeanne Favrat aptly describes our work. ~